Craig Treadwell

Craig Treadwell takes stunning photographs of the world around him. Whether it be people, places, events, or products, he will be able to provide the best photographic result from any experience.

There is beauty everywhere around us; from the way the sunlight beams through a tree line in the early morning, to the joy of families reuniting after time apart.  Craig Treadwell loves the challenge of capturing that imperfect moment.

Specializing in portraiture, he believes in the powerful stories images can tell; and immortalizing that story on film. Born in Boston, lived in Europe, and traveled extensively, he has seen the world through his lens every step off he way. Developing and honing a real talent for recognizing the beauty in the everyday world around us.

Combining impeccable technical knowledge with a keen creative eye, Craig will provide you with beautiful images to fit your desired brief. Whether it be headshots, your wedding day, or any corporate and business needs you have.